Biblioteca Impossibile

Art That You Can Get Your Hands On

These fine art replicas are true clones, visually identical to the original, in every respect. Copies of unique and irreplaceable manuscripts and paintings can be studied in close detail, according to the client’s requirements.

Facsimile Editions of Manuscript Books

Illuminated manuscripts are unique and priceless connections to the time of their creation, to the artistic style of the period, and to their authors. Replica delivers all of that in their reproductions, which are faithful to the original in every detail.

The Impossible Library (La Biblioteca Impossibile) is a series of perfect reproductions of the most important Renaissance manuscripts that are held in the world’s greatest libraries. These prestigious volumes are made by combining the most up-to-date print and reproduction techniques with the highest level of Italian artisanal craft.

Replicas of Paintings

The Replica brand unites the experience of Franco Cosimo Panini Editore in the publishing of facsimile editions and Haltadefinizione’s technical expertise in the highest quality ultra-high-definition digital photography and 3D digital acquisition.

In 2020, as part of the celebration of 500 years since the death of Raphael, an exact replica of the painting La Fornarina was made using Haltadefinizione’s ultra-high-definition 3D gigapixel format, which is capable of showing details down to the master’s brush strokes. Replica now launches a new line, “L’Arte Impossibile” or Impossible Art, to stand beside the Impossible Library as a dynamic duo of Fine Art, beauty, technology, and artisanal skill.

Other services

Replica not only makes reproductions of works of art. It also develops custom projects, to meet client requirements and achieve great results. Replica can lend its skill and assistance to a wide variety of applications, such as interior design, corporate gifts, limited editions, and movie props.

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