Tailor-made services for all your needs

Replica has a solution for any project that requires copies of works of art.

Replica is not merely a catalog of facsimile reproductions. It is a unique approach to project development. We make our skill and experience working with replicas of works of art available to our clients. We are ready to bring your ideas to life, whether for a large print run, a single reproduction, or a limited edition.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. With our experience in publishing facsimile editions and dealing with high-tech projects, we may come up with some exciting new ideas.

Services for Museums and Cultural Institutions

Replica offers a full spectrum of consulting services to museums and cultural institutions, thanks to the combination of Franco Cosimo Panini Editore’s ability to produce facsimile editions of ancient manuscript books, and Haltadefinizione’s experience with ultra-high resolution digital photography.

  • Platform for digital photographic archive management

  • Reproductions for exhibitions

  • Fine Art Replicas

  • Facsimiles of manuscripts in limited edition

  • Multimedia projects

  • Full immersion projects

Corporate Services

Replica offers services that range from digitalization of company archives to the design and creation of personalized products for corporate gifts.

  • Production of replicas and reproductions of works of art owned by private companies

  • Planning and production of personalized corporate gifts

  • Planning and production of promotional materials

Services for Film Production

We have made props for film production and we offer consulting services for set construction and decoration to perfectly match any historical period.

  • Reproductions for set decoration

Services for Individuals

Replica can also fulfill the requirements of individuals who own works of art (paintings, manuscripts, etc.) and who wish to create one or more reproductions, for archival purposes or for personal or family reasons.

  • Digitalization of privately owned works

Special Projects

Replica offers consulting and assistance for any kind of project that involves the use of facsimile reproductions of works of art, such as for interior design or advertising. Whether physical or virtual, we find solutions for any requirements, including the use of ultra-high definition gigapixel and 3D formats.

  • Consulting and Expertise

Services for Schools

Replica supports projects for teaching and offers consulting to schools to realize their ideas.

  • The Pinxit Project: Art At School

Customer Care

We offer continuing assistance to our clients, beginning before their first purchase, and continuously to any customer who has received any of our products or services.

If you are new to our services in the field of facsimile editions of manuscript books or replicas of paintings, you will find answers to your questions about our products and services. If you are already a Replica customer, we are ready to provide any answers or assistance that you may need.